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Category: Cryptocurrency

In this section, we will discuss and highlight the use cases and values of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Market Update(08/17/2020)

It is a great week for cryptocurrency as there has been a constant increase in the value of the major cryptocurrencies. While altcoins continue to increase, Bitcoin has also broken […]

Cryptocurrency Market Update(08/16/2020)

During the start of the week of August 16th, the cryptocurrency market has been in full swing with three main coins producing double digit returns. Orchid has recently seen an […]

What Cryptocurrency Is That? Algorand

According to the website, Algorand is a cryptocurrency that is “open source public block chain on a proof of stake concensus protocol”. Algorand is a cryptocurrency that can be […]

Cryptocurrency Market Update

Another cryptocurrency that has decided to go exponential is Maker. Maker is a token that is used to keep the stablecoin decentralized at a stable value of approximately the amount […]