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Learn to say common words in French as you prepare to visit the love capital of the world. Know what to say as you prepare to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower as well as learn how to introduce yourself to other individuals. Enjoy the delicacies and food of the French people including their famous Ratatouille and croissants.

The French alphabet is the same alphabet as the English alphabet except for the phonetics that are produced in specific words. While the alphabet may appear the same, the way words are said in the French language can be very different than how they are said in the English language.

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Learn to say common greetings in the French language:

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Hello —  Salut

How are you? — Comment t’allez vous

Good morning — Bonjour

Good afternoon — Bonne apres-midi

Good night — Bonne nuit

Bye — Au revoir

See you tomorrow! — A demain

Learning to count in French.


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One- une

Two- deux

Three- trois

Four- quatre

Five- cinq

Six- six

Seven- sept

Eight- huit

Nine- neuf

Ten- dix