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Learning Italian can not only help you improve your health and mental well being but can also allow you for new opportunities. Whether you want to be able to go to Italy and see Inter de Milan play their arch rivals A.C. Milan, enjoy the beaches, or simply learn about a different culture, you need to learn to say at least the common words to get along.

The Italian alphabet does not contain the same letters as the English alphabet. Compared to Dutch or French, the original Italian language leaves out a few letters.

A   B   C   D    E    F    G   H   I    L   M   N   O   P   Q   R    S   T   U   V   Z

There are differences in phonetics in some letters as seen in the examples given.

Learn to say common greetings in Italian

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Hello — Ciao

How are you? — Come vai

Nice to meet you — Piacere di conoscerti

Good morning —   Buongiorno

Good afternoon — Buon pomeriggio

Good night — Buonanotte

Bye — Ciao, Arrivederci

Learn to Count the Numbers in Italian:

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One- uno (m.) una (f.)

Two- due

Three- tre

Four- quattro

Five- cinque

Six- sei

Seven- sette

Eight- otto

Nine- nove

Ten- dieci